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BACKGROUND Normal intellectual and personal development can be expected in early-diagnosed and treated PKU patients. Aim of the study was to analyse quality of life and social status, which are important parameters for an overall estimation of success of treatment apart from intellectual outcome in adult PKU patients. METHODS 67 patients completed a(More)
BACKGROUND Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) has a substantial impact on normal daily activities. Because of the high prevalence it is necessary to evaluate the impact on the health-related quality of life (HRQoL). OBJECTIVE To assess health-related quality of life in patients with RLS. METHODS A total of 519 patients (327 female patients; mean age: 64.2 y)(More)
Nach der Etablierung der ersten TraumaNetzwerke im Jahr 2009 ist mittlerweile eine fast flächendeckende Zertifizierung gelungen. Trotz der beeindruckenden Anzahl von 46 zertifizierten Netzwerken ist nur wenig über die tatsächlich erzielten Verbesserungen und die Zufriedenheit bekannt. Die vorliegende Arbeit hat zum Ziel, erstmals einen repräsentativen(More)
A growing population of elderly has intensified the demand for long-term care (LTC) services. In response to the mounting need, Germany put into effect a LTC Insurance Act in 1995 that introduced mandatory public or private LTC insurance for the entire population of 82 million. The program was based on the organizational principles that define the German(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of the 2008 updated guideline: early detection of breast cancer in Germany is to support physicians as well as healthy and affected women in the decision-making process involved in the diagnostic chain for the early detection of breast cancer by providing them with evidence- and consensus-based recommendations. The updated guideline(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The initiative "Healthy Lower Rhine ... against Stroke" aims at improving stroke knowledge in the community, i.e., knowledge of stroke symptoms and proper action when stroke signs occur (call emergency number 112) in order to reduce prehospital times/delay. An expert group in the district of Wesel decided to raise an inventory of(More)
  • M Geraedts
  • 2003
Quality management is nowadays required by almost all organisations using public funds. Hence, quality management in public health services (PHS) first serves to make transparent the services offered, the performance, and the quality of services to comply with public demands for accountability. In addition, by following generally accepted concepts and(More)
BACKGROUND One of the tasks of the Federal Co-ordinating Committee, as part of the self-governing health care system in Germany, is to develop clinical performance measures (CPMs). As these measures generally exert a strong impact on health care delivery, their methodological quality should meet the highest standards. OBJECTIVE To develop, for use in the(More)
BACKGROUND Starting in 2005, Germany's health law required hospital quality reports to be published every two years by all acute care hospitals. The reports were intended to help patients and physicians make informed choices of hospitals. However, while establishing the quality indicators that form the content of the reports, the information needs of the(More)