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Alterations and impairment of immune responses in humans present a health risk for space exploration missions. The molecular mechanisms underpinning innate immune defense can be confounded by the complexity of the acquired immune system of humans. Drosophila (fruit fly) innate immunity is simpler, and shares many similarities with human innate immunity at(More)
The large ribosomal subunits of the halophilic archaebacterium Haloferax mediterranei have been reconstituted in vitro from the dissociated RNA and protein components. Efficient reassembly of particles fully active in poly(U)-directed polyphenylalanine synthesis requires a 2-h incubation at 42 degrees C in the presence of no less than 2.5 M concentrations(More)
Studies of ribosome structure in thermophilic archaebacteria may provide valuable information on (i) the mechanisms involved in the stabilization of nucleic acid-protein complexes at high temperatures and (ii) the degree of evolutionary conservation of the ribosomal components in the primary kingdoms of cell descent. In this work we investigate certain(More)
A novel method is presented for monitoring movement of Drosophila melanogaster (the fruit fly) in space. Transient fly movements were captured by a $60, 2.5-cm-cubed monochrome video camera imaging flies illuminated by a uniform light source. The video signal from this camera was bandpass filtered (0.3-10 Hz) and amplified by an analog circuit to extract(More)
We describe a low-cost system for monitoring the behavioral activity of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. The system is readily adaptable to one or more cameras for simultaneous recordings of behavior from different angles and can be used for monitoring multiple individuals in a population at the same time. Signal processing allows discriminating(More)
The small ribosomal subunit of the halophilic archaeon Haloferax mediterranei has been reconstituted from its dissociated rRNA and protein components. Efficient reconstitution of particles, fully active in poly(U)-dependent polyphenylalanine synthesis, occurs after 2 h of incubation at 36 degrees C in the presence of 1.5 M of (NH4)2SO4, 100 mM of MgAc2, 20(More)
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