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Aqueous solutions of polysorbate 20 undergo autoxidation on storage, with the peroxide number increasing and subsequently decreasing again, the acidity increasing continuously, the pH and surface tension falling and tending to level off, and the cloud point dropping sharply until turbidity begins at room temperature. The changes are accelerated by light,(More)
Release kinetics of active substances from ensembles of microparticles such as microcapsules, cells, droplets and liposomes constituted of individual entities releasing their contents at constant rates may follow zero order, first order, sigmoid or biphasic equations. The release equation observed depends upon the statistical distribution of(More)
Changes in the surface tension-concentration curves of the non-ionic surfactant cetomacrogol, a polyoxyethylenic (POE) hexadecyl ether containing about 24 ethylene oxide (EO) groups, have been examined during autoxidation of aqueous solutions. The curves exhibit decreases in cmc values and changes in the slopes below and above the cmc which lead to the loss(More)
Permeability constants of salicylic acid, caffeine and benzoic acid have been measured at 37 degrees for heterogeneous films of ethyl cellulose containing up to 50% PEG 4000, the latter component undergoing leaching out. For the first two compounds, steady state constants were independent of film thickness and solute concentration but increased linearly and(More)
Insulin injected intra-jejunally together with the non-ionic surfactant cetomacrogol was effective in streptozocin-induced diabetes in the rat, as measured by the hypoglycaemic effect. The reduction in blood sugar was maximal at about 2 h after administration but continued at a high level for the 4 h of the experiment. No hypoglycaemic effect was observed(More)
Cast films composed of different ratios of polyethylene glycol and ethylcellulose containing salicylic acid, caffeine, and tripelennamine as model dispersed drugs were prepared and exhibited sustained release. The drug content of the film declined at an apparent first-order rate initially, whereas the drug quantity released was proportional to the square(More)