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Studies by Gartner (2010) or McKinsey (2008) suggest univocally that improving business processes is the undisputed number one priority for organizations worldwide. Hence, organizations need adequate capabilities for Business Process Management (BPM). However, these capabilities do not necessarily need to be developed in the organization itself – an(More)
Two distinct isolated hydrogen defects are observed in crystalline Ge by in situ infrared absorption spectroscopy. Implantation of protons into Ge at cryogenic temperatures gives rise to two intense absorption lines at 745 and 1794 cm(-1). The lines originate from distinct defects, each of which contains one H atom located on a <111> axis. The 1794-cm(-1)(More)
Lifetimes of hydrogen and deuterium related stretch modes in Si are measured by high-resolution infrared absorption spectroscopy and transient bleaching spectroscopy. The lifetimes are found to be extremely dependent on the defect structure, ranging from 2 to 295 ps. Against conventional wisdom, we find that lifetimes of Si-D modes typically are longer than(More)
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