Max Bichler

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The spin of a single electron subject to a static magnetic field provides a natural two-level system that is suitable for use as a quantum bit, the fundamental logical unit in a quantum computer. Semiconductor quantum dots fabricated by strain driven self-assembly are particularly attractive for the realization of spin quantum bits, as they can be(More)
Peer review is a widely accepted instrument for raising the quality of science. Peer review limits the enormous unstructured influx of information and the sheer amount of dubious data, which in its absence would plunge science into chaos. In particular, peer review offers the benefit of eliminating papers that suffer from poor craftsmanship or(More)
Core-shell nanowires (NW) have become very prominent systems for band engineered NW heterostructures that effectively suppress detrimental surface states and improve performance of related devices. This concept is particularly attractive for material systems with high intrinsic surface state densities, such as the low-bandgap In-containing group-III(More)
We discuss geochemical and sedimentological characteristics of 12 tephra layers, intercalated within the finely laminated sediments of Lake Van. Within the about 15kyr long sediment record studied, volcanic activity concentrated in the periods 2.6-7.2 and 11.9-12.9kyr B.P. Concentrations of 25 elements provide the geochemical fingerprint of each tephra(More)
Experimental results of sharp edge potentials in the quantum Hall (QH) regime of a two-dimensional electron system are presented. First the general QH edge state picture is reviewed, including recent theory which explains the importance of in-compressible strips at the sample edge. Then two sharp edge geometries are presented where incompressible strips are(More)
This paper is on the biological impact of arsenic and antimony on the flora and microflora on a former Sb-mining site in Schlaining (Stadtschlaining, Burgenland, Austria). Several habitats were investigated with respect to biodiversity and metalloid contamination in soil. Although the overburden of the mining activity had been remediated less than ten years(More)
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