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A mixed culture utilizing EDTA as the sole carbon source was isolated from a mixed inoculum of water from the River Mersey (United Kingdom) and sludge from an industrial effluent treatment plant. Fourteen component organisms were isolated from the culture, including representatives of the genera Methylobacterium, Variovorax, Enterobacter, Aureobacterium,(More)
For well-guarded plane-parallel ionization chambers, international dosimetry protocols recommend a value of unity for electron perturbation factors in water. However, recent data published by various groups have challenged this. Specifically for the NACP-02 chamber, non-unity electron perturbation factors have already been published by Verhaegen et al (2006(More)
The accuracy of Monte Carlo (MC) simulation results relies on validating the MC models used in the calculations. In this work, a MC model for the NACP-02 plane-parallel ionization chamber was built and validated against megavoltage electron backscatter experiments using materials of water, graphite, aluminium and copper. Electron energies ranged between(More)
With rapid technological improvements in computer driven 3-D radiotherapy treatment planning systems (RTPS) the use of compensating filters for intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) will dramatically increase the ease of treatment. The procedure for commissioning .decimal (Sanford, Florida) compensators involved the measurement of the effective(More)
Muscle tissue of yellowtail flounder, Pleuronectes ferruginea (n = 6) and winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus (n = 9) collected from Bonavista Bay, Conception Bay and an offshore location off northeastern Newfoundland, Canada, were analyzed for PCBs and other organochlorine compounds to determine if there are geographical variations in the(More)
Thermal comfort is increasingly becoming a crucial factor to be considered in footwear design. The climate inside a shoe is controlled by thermal and moisture conditions and is crucial to attain comfort. Research undertaken has shown that thermal conditions play a dominant role in shoe climate. Development of thermal models that are capable of predicting(More)
PURPOSE The IAEA TRS-398 code of practice can be applied for the measurement of absorbed dose to water under reference conditions with an ionization chamber. For protons, the combined relative standard uncertainty on those measurements is less than 2% while for light-ion beams, it is considerably larger, i.e. 3.2%, mainly due to the higher uncertainty(More)
PURPOSE Comparison between the response of a primary standard graphite calorimeter and the response of an ionization chamber (IC) allows the estimations of values of the beam quality correction factor, kQ,Q0, for the IC. This factor is used in the IAEA TRS-398 dosimetric protocol to derive the absorbed dose-to-water using an IC. It depends on three(More)