Max A Zucker

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We present some multiplets of N = 2 off-shell supergravity in five dimensions. One is the Super Yang-Mills multiplet, another one is the linear multiplet. The latter one is used to establish a general action formula from which we derive an action for the Super Yang-Mills multiplet. The Super Yang-Mills multiplet is used to construct the nonlinear multiplet(More)
We present a multielement phased-array approach to diffuse optical imaging based on postprocessing of continuous-wave data for the improvement of spatial resolution. In particular, we present a theoretical and experimental analysis of the performance of a three-element source array in the study of an optically turbid medium with two embedded cylindrical(More)
Episodes of illness in two different groups of women of the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, were compared using a longitudinal-panel design. The data reported are part of a larger study that concentrated on family units from representative cultural groupings of this region. The method of procedure facilitated the retrieval and analysis of different types of(More)
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