Mawarny Md. Rejab

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Abstract — Gas mixer is a device used to determine the amount of natural gas and air before entering the engine. It injects the gas into the intake air stream of an internal combustion chamber using a combination of radial holes and radial tubes located around the perimeter of an air flow passage. The size of intake air passage, the number and size of the(More)
Crankshaft is a very crucial part in internal combustion engine. This paper presents the finding of mode shape and natural frequency of a 3 cylinder 4 stroke engine crankshafts. Both experimental and computational was carried out to determine the modal parameter or dynamic characteristics which are natural frequency, damping factor and mode shape. The(More)
The Pair programming as a part of the Agile software development has been gaining acceptance among practitioners and software development community. This successful leads a wide use of pair programming in educational setting as pedagogy in programming course. Pair programming can foster knowledge sharing among students. Many studies have been done with pair(More)
The PhD symposium of XP2014, the 15th International Conference on Agile Software Development, was organized as a half-day event prior to the main conference program. Seven PhD candidates came from different research institutes across the globe to present their own research proposals at the symposium. The symposium was run in a lively and interactive manner.(More)
Finite element models were developed to virtually carry out laser-micromachining of MEMS components. Four different MEMS components – micro-bridge, microcantilever array, micro-mirror and micro-comewere considered in the virtual work. Heat flux propagation and temperature plots generated by virtual lasermicromachining were compared and discussed. The(More)
Finite element models were developed to simulate laser-micromachining of acrylic sheet. Different material models and process parameters were considered in simulations. Temperature plots generated by various simulations were compared and discussed. The important factors in finite element modeling to realistically simulate laser-micromachining were(More)
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