Mauro Santomauro

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YACR2 is a channel router that minimizes the number of through vias in addition to the area used to complete the routing in a two-layer channel. It can route channels with cyclic constraints and uses a virtual grid. YACR2 uses preferably one layer for the horizontal segments of the nets and the other for the vertical ones but it may require the routing of a(More)
This work describes an original behavioral simulation method for the phase-noise analysis of charge-pump phase-locked-loops. The method provides a numerically efficient way to evaluate the in-band output noise which is found when a frequency divider is present in the loop.
This paper describes an original experimental procedure to extract the oscillator's phase sensitivity to injected noise perturbations. The proposed method relies on measuring the width of the locking ranges over which the oscillator's response synchronizes with an injected small-amplitude signal. The extraction procedure is applied to a relaxation(More)
Parameter extraction is one of the crucial points in the Integrated Circuit Design Process. This paper describes the features of CIRCE, a Parameter Extraction program, that produces an electrical description of the network having a geometrical description of the layout as input.Parasitic effects due to the intrinsic resistances of the circuit wires and to(More)
This paper provides an original closed-form expression of frequency-pulling phenomenon in unlocked-driven nonlinear oscillators. The formula employs the Floquet eigenvector that projects external perturbation into phase-domain and has the peculiarity to be very general being applicable to any oscillator topology.
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