Mauro Rinaldi

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To assess risk factors for development of candidal blood stream infections (CBSIs), a prospective cohort study was performed at 6 sites that involved all patients admitted to the surgical intensive(More)
Candida dubliniensis has been associated with oropharyngeal candidiasis in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). C. dubliniensis isolates may have been improperly characterized(More)
The availability of reproducible antifungal susceptibility testing methods now permits analysis of data correlating susceptibility in vitro with outcome in vivo in order to define interpretive(More)
Clinical breakpoints have not been established for mold testing. Wild-type (WT) MIC distributions (organisms in a species/drug combination with no detectable acquired resistance mechanisms) were(More)
Fluconazole in vitro susceptibility test results for 140,767 yeasts were collected from 127 participating investigators in 39 countries from June 1997 through December 2003. Data were collected on(More)