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To face current socioeconomic adverse conditions enterprises must increase their efficiency and evolve to the requirements of customization and sustainability. Modern production systems need to deal with instability of markets and resource scarcity regarding an economical, ecological and social concern. The Evolvable Production Systems (EPS) has aimed at(More)
Presented in 2002, and applied within the EUPASS and A3 projects, Evolvable Assembly Systems proposes a novel way of applying assembly systems in industry. The essence of EAS resides not only in the ability of system components to adapt to the changing conditions of operation, but also to assist in the evolution of these components in time such that(More)
Simulation has played an important role along the years to predict systems' behaviour before their deployment. In the case of self-organising mechatronic systems simulation tools can help researchers and practitioners understanding the full potential of the solution as well as its underlying limitations. Self-organising mechatronic systems have passed a(More)
Current major roadmapping efforts have all clearly underlined that true industrial sustainability will require far higher levels of systems' autonomy and adaptability. In accordance with these recommendations, the Evolvable Production Systems (EPS) has aimed at developing such technological solutions and support mechanisms. Since its inception in 2002 as a(More)