Mauro Nozzolini

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Two groups of pigeons were kept from fledging time in two cages fully exposed to winds. From time to time, the cage containing experimentals was additionally exposed to an artificial air current coming from a specific direction and carrying a scent of benzaldehyde. When both groups were exposed to benzaldehyde scent during transportation and at the release(More)
Serine and proline, when added in a wide range of concentrations to Daucus carota cultures during pre-growth in the presence of 2,4-D(2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid), extended in time and quantity the mitotic divisions and stimulated significantly the number of embryos regenerated when the hormone subsequently was omitted from the medium. A specific effect(More)
Genetic instability, characteristic of short term cultures of twoNicotiana species, is transmitted with high frequency as a genetic trait to regenerated shoots and plants as shown by the high percentage of mosaics and mixoploids. A relationship between unbalanced chromosome sets of the shoots and incapacity for further growth up to maturity is demonstrated.
Experiments on strains of yeast with different genetic backgrounds were done to evaluate the kinetics of inactivation and mutation induction by X-radiations. A system of forward mutation induction in five loci was used as a specific mutation rate of 0.14-10-minus 8 times locus times rad was evaluated for the wild type. From a comparison of observations with(More)
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