Mauro Murgia

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Hole mobility in organic ultrathin film field-effect transistors is studied as a function of the coverage. For layered sexithienyl films, the charge carrier mobility rapidly increases with increasing coverage and saturates at a coverage of about two monolayers. This shows that the first two molecular layers next to the dielectric interface dominate the(More)
The spatial-numerical association of response codes (SNARC) effect is considered an evidence of the association between numbers and space, with faster left key-press responses to small numbers and faster right key-press responses to large numbers. We examined whether visually presented note values produce a SNARC-like effect. Differently from numbers, note(More)
We report on the observation of J-aggregates in submonolayer films of alpha-sexithiophene grown on silicon dioxide. Photoluminescence spectroscopy reveals that submonolayers are formed by molecules lying flat on the substrate with a head to tail configuration. Excitation energy dependence of photoluminescence shows a red-shifted absorption with respect to(More)
It has been shown that humans are able to recognise their own movement. While visual cues have been amply studied, the contribution of auditory cues is not clear. Our aim was to investigate the role of temporal auditory cues in the identification of one's own or others' performance in a complex movement--a golf swing. We investigated whether golfers are(More)
Drain-source current in organic thin-film transistors has been monitored in situ and in real time during the deposition of pentacene. The current starts to flow when percolation of the first monolayer (ML) occurs and, depending on the deposition rate, saturates at a coverage in the range 2-7 MLs. The number of active layers contributing to the current and(More)
Electronic transducers of neuronal cellular activity are important devices in neuroscience and neurology. Organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) offer tailored surface chemistry, mechanical flexibility, and high sensitivity to electrostatic potential changes at device interfaces. These properties make them attractive for interfacing electronics with(More)
Previous research has demonstrated that auditory rhythms affect both movement and physiological functions. We hypothesized that the ecological sounds of human breathing can affect breathing more than artificial sounds of breathing, varying in tones for inspiration and expiration. To address this question, we monitored the breath duration of participants(More)
The motor system is engaged when we perceive movement in the environment, even when we have no sensorimotor experience of that movement. It has been suggested that this ability relies on internal models that comprise specific exteroceptive representations, such as audition and vision. It has been shown that, for human movements, the quality of perception(More)
A nanomemristor based on SiO(2) is fabricated in situ with spatial control at the nanoscale. The proposed system exhibits peculiar properties such as the possibility to be regenerated after being stressed or damaged and the possibility to expose the metal and the oxide interfaces by removing the top electrodes.
In the present study, we investigated whether luminance and the side of response execution are associated, showing a SNARC-like effect (faster responses with the left hand for dark stimuli, and vice versa for light stimuli). A total of 30 participants were tested in two experiments. In Experiment 1, the association between space and the luminance of(More)