Mauro Marcolini

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A simple and efficient organocatalytic enantioselective hydrophosphonylation of imines to enantiomerically enriched alpha-amino phosphonates is reported. By using 10 mol % of quinine as the catalyst in the enantioselective addition of diethyl phosphite to N-Boc protected imines, alpha-amino phosphonates are obtained in moderate to good yields and with up to(More)
The occurrence of unsaturated systems in natural products combined with the mildness and the wide range of applicability of CeCl(3) promoted methodologies suggest several potential future synthetic applications within the field of total synthesis of biologically active molecules. On this concept, the use of CeCl(3).7H(2)O-NaI system as an efficient(More)
The acid-catalyzed addition of CH3(18)OH to 2-methylene-adamantanes bearing a chlorine atom in the 4-equatorial (1e) or 4-axial (1a) position has been investigated in the gas phase, at 760 Torr, in the 40-120 degrees C temperature range. Two different experimental approaches were employed: (1) by adding neutral CH3(18)OH to the 2-methyl-4-Cl-adamant-2-yl(More)
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