Mauro Leoni

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PURPOSE Only a few formal assessments of websites with drug-related contents have been carried out. We aimed here at fostering collection and analysis of data from web pages related to information on consumption, manufacture and sales of psychoactive substances. GENERAL METHODS An 8-language, two-engine, assessment of the information available in a(More)
What do therapy and cybertherapy need to take into account to be effective for the treatment of drug-related disorders? The Psychonaut 2002 project is aimed to create a new and updated Web-based tool, which will be based on evolving drug scenarios, in order to provide professionals from the drug addiction field with easily accessible and reliable(More)
AIMS To investigate the role of depression and rumination in predicting drinking status (absence or presence of alcohol use) and level of alcohol use at 3, 6 and 12 months following a brief course of cognitive-behavioural therapy for alcohol abuse. METHODS A total of 80 out-patients with a diagnosis of alcohol abuse completed measures of depression (Beck(More)
The rising awareness of psychosocial risks at workplace means that it is ever more important to prepare methods to assess psychosocial factors in occupational environment. This project of north west tuscany area has the aim to realize an instrument for a gradual risk assessment for this kind of factors without the support of specialists. A decisional flow(More)
OBJECTIVE Deficits in vocal speech are common among those with developmental disabilities. This review examines interventions for teaching speech to individuals who presented as nonspeaking, or with low levels of vocalizations at baseline, and assesses evidence-based practice in this area. METHODS Systematic searches identified 78 studies suitable for(More)
This document describes the observatory on working women in Livorno area. The sources of information are 1) individual information sheets collected from midwives with a specially designed questionnaire for all pregnant women from 1/4/2003 to 30/12/2006 2) data from the procedures of interdiction for risk work. The analysis of data sheets shows the following(More)
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