Mauro Leonardi

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² In this paper, we study, evaluate and develop the use of regularization methods to solve the location problem in multilateration systems using ModeS signals. The Tikhonov method has been implemented as a first application to solve the classical system of hyperbolic equations in multilateration systems. Some simulations are obtained and the results are(More)
In Global Navigation satellite System (GNSS) applications the signals at the user receiver antenna exhibit a very low power level (around-160 dBW), and can be impaired by interference sources. In the case the receiver operation is compromised by the presence of an interferer, an important issue is the identification of the undesired source. To achieve this(More)
– In the paper we present a solution to the optimal trajectory planning problem subject to constraints given by the actuator torques and velocities, and the task. The main result is a trajectory planning algorithm which enables the calculation of the optimal motion due to the given requirements and taking into account the dynamics of the manipulator. The(More)
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