Mauro Grigioni

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This paper aims at delivering a structured overview of telerehabilitation literature by analysing the entire set of articles under the search terms "telerehabilitation" or "tele-rehabilitation" to portray "state of the art" ten years after the publication of the first scientific article on the topic. A structured study has been conducted by considering all(More)
Direct measurement of hormones secretion and kinetics in glucose metabolism is not feasible in the clinical practice, being highly invasive. As their knowledge is important in the diagnosis of metabolic disorders, thanks to mathematical models based on non-invasive tests, estimation of hormones behaviour is obtained. Unfortunately, traditional model(More)
OBJECTIVE Total extracardiac cavopulmonary connection is an established procedure, but the best spatial arrangement remains controversial. On the basis of our clinical experience with total extracardiac cavopulmonary connection, we performed quantitative and qualitative flow analysis on total extracardiac cavopulmonary connection models simulating the two(More)
BACKGROUND The ever increasing number of sequenced genomes calls for new analysis techniques, which can benefit from the methodologies developed in the field of signal processing. METHODS The present paper addresses the question of searching a pattern of amino acids (not necessarily completely specified) by means of the cross-correlation of complex(More)
This paper deals with dynamic Multi-Vehicle Routing Problem in both deterministic and stochastic scenarios; the objective is to find the best paths for a fleet of vehicles, with the aim of visiting a set of targets. Based on the Cooperative Receding Horizon approach proposed in [4] for the Euclidean case, this paper i) develop a routing algorithm for(More)
An optimization framework is proposed to plan a sensor network in hospital environments aimed at tracking medical assets. The framework is based on three modules: the first module defines the critical levels of the hospital locations based on the assets movements and criticality; the second module models the coverage characteristics of the sensors; the(More)
AIMS To evaluate the quality of systematic reviews on telerehabilitation. METHODS The AMSTAR--Assessment of Multiple Systematic Reviews--checklist was used to appraise the evidence related to the systematic reviews. RESULTS Among the 477 records initially identified, 10 systematic reviews matched the inclusion criteria. Fifty percent were of high(More)
BACKGROUND Prosthetic heart valves can be associated to mechanical loading of blood, potentially linked to complications (hemolysis and thrombogenicity) which can be clinically relevant. In order to test such devices in pulsatile mode, pulse duplicators (PDs) have been designed and built according to different concepts. This study was carried out to compare(More)
The role of variable regions of HIV-1 gp120 in immune escape of HIV has been investigated. However, there is scant information on how conserved gp120 regions contribute to virus escaping. Here we have studied how molecular sequence characteristics of conserved C3, C4 and V3 regions of clade C HIV-1 gp120 that are involved in HIV entry and are target of the(More)