Mauro Garavello

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This paper is concerned with a fluidodynamic model for traffic flow. More precisely, we consider a single conservation law, deduced from conservation of the number of cars, defined on a road network that is a collection of roads with junctions. The evolution problem is underdetermined at junctions, hence we choose to have some fixed rules for the(More)
We consider an hyperbolic conservation law with discontinuous flux. Such partial differential equation arises in different applicative problems, in particular we are motivated by a model of traffic flow. We provide a new formulation in terms of Riemann Solvers. Moreover, we determine the class of Riemann Solvers which provide existence and uniqueness of the(More)
We consider a hybrid control system and general optimal control problems for this system. We suppose that the switching strategy imposes restrictions on control sets and we provide necessary conditions for an optimal hybrid trajectory, stating a Hybrid Necessary Principle (HNP). Our result generalizes various necessary principles available in the literature.
In this paper, we investigate the connections between controllability properties of distributed systems and existence of non zero entire functions subject to restrictions on their growth and on their sets of zeros. Exploiting these connections, we first show that, for generic bounded open domains in dimension n ≥ 2, the steady-state controllability for the(More)
From 1977 to 1988, 81 adult patients with localized soft tissue sarcomas at different sites received postoperative external beam radiotherapy (55 Gy median dose) following primary conservative surgery. Sixty were new referrals after primary surgery and 21 were irradiated after excision of recurrent disease. With a median follow-up of 4 years (range: 2-13)(More)