Mauro Fusco

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BACKGROUND Increased intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) is an adverse complication seen in critically ill, injured, and postoperative patients. IAP is estimated via the measurement of bladder pressure. Few studies have been performed to establish the actual relationship between IAP and bladder pressure. The purpose of this study was to confirm the association(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence and mortality of hypothermia in trauma patients. METHODS Retrospective review of patients admitted to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) over 4 1/2 years. Hypothermia was defined as a temperature < 35 degrees C. RESULTS There were 7045 admissions to the SICU, of which 661 (9.4%) had a recorded temperature of <(More)
In this paper, a novel Multi-Layer Consensus Seeking (MLCS) framework is proposed, focusing on the vehicular platooning problem. The vehicles are described by linear heterogeneous dynamics. For example, we consider third-order systems, however the algorithms discussed are suitable for any higher-order. A velocity-dependent inter-vehicle spacing policy is(More)
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