Mauro Fischer

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Croplands are man-made ecosystems that have high net primary productivity during the growing season of crops, thus impacting carbon and other exchanges with the atmosphere. These exchanges play a major role in nutrient cycling and climate change related issues. An accurate representation of crop phenology and physiology is important in land-atmosphere(More)
Contrasting hypotheses exist about the relationship between plant species diversity and genetic diversity. However, experimental data of species diversity effects on genetic differentiation among populations are lacking. To address this, Lolium perenne was sown with an equal number of seeds in 78 experimental grasslands (Jena Experiment) varying in species(More)
By depositing a resolution test pattern on top of a Si3N4 photonic crystal resonant surface, we have measured the dependence of spatial resolution on refractive index contrast Δn. Our experimental results and finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations at different refractive index contrasts show that the spatial resolution of our device reduces with(More)
Using a spherical symmetric mean field α 2-dynamo model for Earth's magnetic field reversals, we show the coexistence of the noise-induced phenomena coherence resonance and stochastic resonance. Stochastic resonance has been recently invoked to explain the 100 kyr periodicity in the distribution of the residence time between reversals. The comparison of the(More)
Very small glaciers (<0.5 km 2) account for more than 80% of the total number of glaciers in mid-to low-latitude mountain ranges. Although their total area and volume is small compared to larger glaciers, they are a relevant component of the cryosphere, contributing to landscape formation, local hydrology, and sea-level rise. Worldwide glacier monitoring(More)
The asymmetric time dependence and various statistical properties of polarity reversals of the Earth's magnetic field are utilized to infer some of the most essential parameters of the geodynamo, among them the effective (turbulent) magnetic diffusivity, the degree of supercriticality, and the relative strength of the periodic forcing which is believed to(More)
Agaricaceae Includes the following taxa in California: Agaricus (c. 45 species) Agaricus texensis (Arora: as Longula texensis) Agaricus inapertus (Arora: as Endoptychum depressum) Agaricus aridicola (syn. Gyrophragmium dunalii) Melanophyllum haematospermum (1 species) Lepiota (Arora: in Lepiotaceae) (c. 25 species) Cystolepiota (Arora: not recognized,(More)
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