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This is an analysis and comparison of the accuracy of the seven primary systems submitted to the EVALITA 2009 Speaker Identity Verification " Application " Track. We analyze performance according to test-segment duration, mode of enrollment and telephone types. In particular, we highlight two important problems: the difficulty with mismatched telephone(More)
We report in this paper the results of a study carried out to analyse the acoustic and perceptual characteristics of Italian stop consonants. The aim of this study is twofold: give an acoustical description of Italian stops and investigate which are the perceptual cues relative to their place of articulation. From the acoustic point of view we report: the(More)
We report in this paper the results of a series of comprehension tests run with the aim of investigating the contribution of visual information to the process of comprehension of conversational speech. The methodology we designed was presented in a previous work [1] in which we also showed the results of a pilot test to confirm our original hypothesis that(More)
 The field of Speaker Identification in forensic is one of the oldest application of speech science. Listening test and spectrogram reading have been the most popular approach in this specific task for many years. We introduce a method based on the comparison of vowel formant, and we describe the associated software tools that let you easily perform a(More)
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