Mauro Fabiano

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Studies on the chemical and biological properties of annual pack ice at a coastal station in Terra Nova Bay (74°41.72′S, 164°11.63′E) were carried out during austral spring at 3-day intervals from 5 November to 1 December 1997. Temporal changes of nutrient concentrations, algal biomasses, taxonomic composition, photosynthetic pigment spectra and P–E(More)
Meiofauna abundance, biomass and community structure were investigated in two comparable deep sites of the Ross Sea (Antarctica) characterized by different trophic and sediment characteristics. Site B (567 m depth, dominated by muddy sediments) and site C (439 m depth, characterized by the presence of calcareous debris and coarse sand) were located at(More)
We analysed quantity and quality of particulate organic matter during the austral summer 1994/1995 at a coastal station in Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica). Our main aims were to investigate the origin and biochemical composition of particulate organic matter (POM), to measure its availability for consumers through the study of its digestible fraction(More)
The composition of sediment organic matter and the related role of microphytobenthic biomass have been investigated during one-year in a semi-enclosed marine system (Marsala lagoon, Mediterranean Sea). Monthly samples from June 1993 to May 1994 were analysed for carbohydrate, protein, lipid, photosynthetic pigment and total organic matter. The three main(More)
The relationships between the biochemical composition of sediment organic matter and bacteria and microphytobenthic biomass distribution, were investigated along the coast of Northern Tuscany (Tyrrhenian Sea). Organic matter appeared to be of highly refractory composition. Among the three main biochemical classes, proteins were the major component (0.96 mg(More)
The results of a study on ectoenzymatic activity (the enzyme activity bound to particles larger than 0.2 mm) and its relation to organic particle concentration are reported here. The sampling was carried out during the 1994 Antarctic spring, at a fixed station (Station 11) in the polynya of the Ross Sea, an area characterized by quick changes in sea ice(More)
The surface distribution of chlorophyll a (chl a) from size-fractionated phytoplankton and of particulate organic matter was studied along the Strait of Magellan during late austral summer (February 20th to March 2nd, 1991), in order to contribute an outline of the ecological characteristics of its pelagic compartment. Sampling of surface water was carried(More)
We carried out a 16-month in situ study to investigate the ecology of Vibrio spp. and pathogenic Vibrio species in coastal sediments of the Mediterranean Sea, employing multiple-regression analysis to reveal the major environmental factors controlling their occurrence in the benthic environment. In addition, association between vibrios and(More)
The effects of fish farming on bacterial density, biomass, community structure and their possible link to antibiotic resistance have been investigated in coastal sediments of the Ligurian Sea (Western Mediterranean). The top 2 cm of the sediment under a fish farm and control areas were analysed during summer 2000. Bacterial density and biomass were three(More)