Mauro Dell'Amico

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Page 55 line 6: replace " among the matched " with " among the unmatched " ; 229 line 13: replace " Palubeckis [544] " with the following (missing) reference: G. Palubeckis. The use of special graphs for obtaining lower bounds in the geometric quadratic assignment problem. 289 eqn (9.27): replace " s ∈ F " with " S ∈ F " ; 308 line 14: replace "(More)
The vehicle routing problem with simultaneous distribution and collection (VRPSDC) is the variation of the capacitated vehicle routing problem that arises when the distribution of goods from a depot to a set of customers and the collection of waste from the customers to the depot must be performed by the same vehicles of limited capacity and the customers(More)
The Capacitated m-Ring-Star Problem (CmRSP) is the problem of designing a set of rings that pass through a central depot and through some transition points and/or customers, and then assigning each non-visited customer to a visited point or customer. The number of customers visited and assigned to a ring is bounded by an upper limit: the capacity of the(More)
The two-dimensional discrete bin-packing problem (2BP ) consists in minimizing the number of identical rectangles used to pack a set of smaller rectangles. This problem is NP-complete. It occurs in industry if pieces of steel, wood, or paper have to be cut from larger rectangles. It belongs to the family of cutting and packing (C & P) problems, more(More)