Mauro De Donatis

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Both the hardware and software available for digital geological mapping (DGM) have advanced considerably in recent years. Mobile computers have become cheaper, lighter, faster and more power efficient. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have become cheaper, smaller and more accurate, and software specifically designed for geological mapping has become(More)
Case report: A 37 year-old woman, with ingravescent diplopia and proptosis of the right eye for 2 months, was referred for CT (CGR-ND 8000). This showed a nonenhancing soft tissue mass, with a little calcification, located in the superior lateral side of the right orbit. The optic nerve was medially displaced (Fig. 1). Orbital angiography showed a(More)
In specific geological contexts, such as alluvial environments, the lithology is highly heterogeneous and laterally variable. As a result, a large number of lithological data are collected (generally random and under sampled) for stratigraphic reconstruction. The integrated management of geo-lithologic data causes major methodological problems, because data(More)
A 62-year-old woman, affected by crises of lower limb weakness and drop attacks for three years, showed, on neurological examination, mild left hemiparesis with lower limb spasticity and wasting of the upper limbs. Pain and touch were diminished at C2-C4 dermatomes bilaterally. Tendon reflexes were slightly accentuated on both sides. Cervical myelography(More)
The image of geologist is often associated with a “tough natural scientist” operating in the field without technology. This has changed with the large diffusion of information and communication technology; today, geologists face the digital world. The geological maps and cross sections have been fundamental for synthesizing the geological knowledge of a(More)
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