Mauro Darío Gobbi

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The present study attempted to pharmacologically characterize the muscarinic receptor subtypes mediating contraction of human umbilical vein (HUV).HUV rings were mounted in organ baths and concentration-response curves were constructed for acetylcholine (ACh) (pEC50: 6.16+/-0.04; maximum response 80.00+/-1.98% of the responses induced by serotonin 10(More)
Ground beetle assemblages were studied by pitfall trapping during summer 2006 in the municipality of Leksand (Sweden) along a gradient in traffic intensity (10 replicates in high and low traffic and five in no traffic) and at progressive distances from the roadside (5, 15, 40 and 80 m). The ground beetles’ activity density was larger in high- with respect(More)
Very little is known about the changes of ground beetle assemblages in the last few decades in the Alps, and different responses to climate change of animal populations living above and below the treeline have not been estimated yet. This study focuses on an altitudinal habitat sequence from subalpine spruce forest to alpine grassland in a low disturbance(More)
Forest maturity benefits biodiversity by providing positive effects on key arthropod assemblages such as spider and ground beetles, which play a fundamental role in the ecosystem. Sustainable forest management is a widely held international goal, and more knowledge is needed on invertebrate assemblages, essential to the ecological functioning of forest(More)
Background and purpose. Species traits have been extensively used by botanists to describe, group and rank species according to their functions. Recently, the multi-trait approach has been extended also to the animal assemblages. There is now growing evidence that interspecific traits-variability can have significant effects on community dynamics and(More)
Zora Koch, 1847 is a small genus distributed in the Holarctic region. The genus comprises 16 species, 14 of them distributed in the Palaearctic region and two from the Neartic (World Spider Catalog 2016). The European fauna includes 11 species (Nentwig et al. 2016), 8 of which are present in Italy (Pantini & Isaia 2016). Zora has historically been placed in(More)
In this paper we report about 88 longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae) species found in 6929 hectares and distributed along an altitudinal gradient of 1500 m of an Italian alpine valley (Val Genova, central-eastern Italian Alps). The species richness, result merging data from sixty years (1947-2007) of entomological surveys, corresponds to the 32% of the(More)
Primary successions of glacier forelands are unique model systems to investigate community dynamics and assembly processes. However, successional changes of plant and insect communities have been mainly analysed separately. Therefore, changes in plant–insect interactions along successional gradients on glacier forelands remain unknown, despite their(More)
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