Mauro Dalla Mura

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Extended attribute profiles and extended multi-attribute profiles are presented for the analysis of hyperspectral high-resolution images. These extended profiles are based on morphological attribute filters and, through a multi-level analysis, are capable of extracting spatial features that can better model the spatial information, with respect to(More)
Pansharpening aims at fusing a multispectral and a panchromatic image, featuring the result of the processing with the spectral resolution of the former and the spatial resolution of the latter. In the last decades, many algorithms addressing this task have been presented in the literature. However, the lack of universally recognized evaluation criteria,(More)
Morphological attribute profiles (APs) are defined as a generalization of the recently proposed morphological profiles (MPs). APs provide a multilevel characterization of an image created by the sequential application of morphological attribute filters that can be used to model different kinds of the structural information. According to the type of the(More)
The pansharpening process has the purpose of building a high-resolution multispectral image by fusing low spatial resolution multispectral and high-resolution panchromatic observations. A very credited method to pursue this goal relies upon the injection of details extracted from the panchromatic image into an upsampled version of the low-resolution(More)
Including spatial information is a key step for successful remote sensing image classification. Especially when dealing with high spatial resolution (in both multiand hyperspectral data), if local variability is strongly reduced by spatial filtering, the classification performance results are boosted. In this paper we consider the triple objective of(More)
Remote sensing is one of the most common ways to extract relevant information about the Earth through observations. Remote sensing acquisitions can be done by both active (SAR, LiDAR) and passive (optical and thermal range, multispectral and hyperspectral) devices. According to the sensor, diverse information of Earth's surface can be obtained. These(More)
In recent years, sparse representations have been widely studied in the context of remote sensing image analysis. In this paper, we propose to exploit sparse representations of morphological attribute profiles for remotely sensed image classification. Specifically, we use extended multiattribute profiles (EMAPs) to integrate the spatial and spectral(More)