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In the marine environment, the persistence and abundance of Vibrio are related to a number of environmental parameters. The influence of the different environmental variables in determining the Vibrio occurrence could be different in the specific geographic areas around the world. Moreover, oceanographic parameters are generally interdependent and should(More)
Polyunsaturated aldehydes (PUA) are supposed to play critical roles in chemically-mediated plankton interactions. Laboratory studies suggest that they act as mediators of chemical defense and chemical communication. PUA are oxylipins containing an α,β,γ,δ-unsaturated aldehyde structure element and are mainly found in diatoms. We present here a detailed(More)
Diatoms are able to react to biotic and abiotic stress, such as competition, predation and unfavorable growth conditions, by producing bioactive compounds including polyunsaturated aldehydes (PUAs). PUAs have been shown to act against grazers and either enhance or inhibit the growth of different phytoplankton and bacteria both in culture and in the field.(More)
Diatoms are dominant photosynthetic organisms in the world's oceans and are considered essential in the transfer of energy to higher trophic levels. However, these unicellular organisms produce secondary metabolites deriving from the oxidation of fatty acids, collectively termed oxylipins, with negative effects on predators, such as copepods, that feed on(More)
We present an application of a novel Variational Wave Acquisition Stereo System (VWASS) for the estimation of the wave surface height of oceanic sea states. Specifically, we show that VWASS video technology combined with statistical techniques based on Euler Characteristics of random fields provides a new paradigm for the prediction of wave extremes(More)
The northern Adriatic Sea is among the most productive areas within the Mediterranean Sea, mainly because of the important river discharges that characterise the area. During an oceanographic cruise in April 2011, 12 stations located in the western sector of the basin were sampled in order to deepen the current knowledge on polysaccharide utilisation within(More)
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