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Two outbreaks of scuticociliatosis affecting farmed turbot Scophthalmus maximus in Galicia are described. Moribund fish showed cutaneous ulcers, darkened skin, swimming behaviour alterations,(More)
Philasterides dicentrarchi is a histophagous ciliate causing systemic scuticociliatosis in cultured turbot. This study demonstrates that turbot which survive this disease have serum antibodies that(More)
The changes of mono- and oligosaccharides, carboxylic acids, purine alkaloids, and fatty acid composition, and of aspartic endoproteinase activity, were analyzed during seed development in two(More)
This study describes a new capillary-type microplate multiassay for characterization of protozoal chemotactic responses, allowing up to 32 assays to be run simultaneously. We used the new multiassay(More)