Mauro A. Alves

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There is an increasing demand for inexpensive and safe anesthetics that can reduce fish stress caused by some procedures such as capture and handling. In this context, the present study evaluated the potential of essential oils (EO) of three Brazilian native plants (Hesperozygis ringens, Lippia sidoides and Ocotea acutifolia) as anesthetics for the silver(More)
This paper presents the processing and characterization of electromagnetic radiation absorbing paints and sheets based on magnetic and dielectric materials dispersed in polymeric matrices. Two different paint formulations containing carbonyl iron and/or polyaniline, using polyurethane as matrix, were prepared. Silicone sheets were also produced with(More)
The objective of this study was to illustrate how different methods of obtaining the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of an object may produce different results. RCS diagrams of a metallic airplane model (length, 0.64 m) were obtained in an anechoic chamber, with a LabVolt RCS system, and simulated with a simulation software. The measurements and simulations were(More)
BACKGROUND End-stage kidney disease patients continue to have markedly increased cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality. Analysis of genetic factors connected with the renin-angiotensin system that influences the survival of the patients with end-stage kidney disease supports the ongoing search for improved outcomes. OBJECTIVE To assess survival(More)
A planar microfluidic system with contractions and obstacles is characterized in terms of anisotropic flow resistance due to viscoelastic effects. The working mechanism is illustrated using streak photography, while the diodicity performance is quantified by pressure drop measurements. The point of maximum performance is found to occur at relatively low(More)
The rapid coating of composites with absorbing paints yields materials that can absorb microwave radiation and still have approximately the same specific mass of the original composites. The use of paints with specific electromagnetic properties together with carbonnanotube-based materials allows the production of structural materials of interest to the(More)
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