Maurizio Sansotera

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This critical review describes how halocarbons can function as effective binding sites of anions via halogen bonding, the noncovalent interaction whereby halogen atoms accept electron density. The focus is on the binding and coordination of oxyanions, by far the most numerous class of anions in organic chemistry. It is shown how a large variety of inorganic(More)
Femtosecond laser irradiation followed by chemical etching (FLICE) with hydrogen fluoride (HF) is an emerging technique for the fabrication of directly buried, three-dimensional microfluidic channels in silica. The procedure, as described in literature, consists of irradiating a silica slab followed by chemical etching using hydrogen fluoride. With aqueous(More)
This study presents and analyzes the data of the Italian system for take-back and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipments (WEEEs) in the start-up period 2008-2010. The analysis was focused particularly on the data about the treatment of end-of-life cooling and freezing equipments. In fact, the wastes of cooling and freezing equipments have a(More)
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