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Biogeosciences Discussions This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Biogeosciences (BG). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in BG if available. Abstract This study investigates the performances in a terrestrial ecosystem of gross primary production (GPP) estimation of a suite of spectral vegetation indexes (VIs) that can be(More)
It is now generally believed that subclinical coeliac disease is common in the general population. We have undertaken screening for this disorder in a school district in central Italy. Screening was divided into three levels: first, IgG and IgA antigliadin antibody (AGA) assay on capillary blood obtained by finger prick; second, AGA plus IgA anti-endomysium(More)
This study investigates the applicability of empirical and radiative transfer models to estimate water content at leaf and landscape level. The main goal is to evaluate and compare the accuracy of these two approaches for estimating leaf water content by means of laboratory reflectance/transmittance measurements and for mapping leaf and canopy water content(More)
  • M Bozzini, L Lenarduzzi, M Rossini, R Schaback
  • 2000
Under very mild additional assumptions, translates of conditionally positive definite radial basis functions allow unique interpolation to scattered multivariate data, because the interpolation matrices have a symmetric and positive definite dominant part. In many applications, the data density varies locally, and then the translates should get different(More)
Isolated glomeruli from Brown-Norway (RT1n) rat kidney were inoculated into the thymus of 6 incompatible Lewis (RT1(1] rats pretreated for 2 days with 40 mg/kg oral cyclosporin daily and given 2.5 mg/kg subcutaneous dexamethasone at inoculation. 10 days later the left kidney from the Brown-Norway donor used to prepare glomeruli was transplanted(More)
  • S Cogliati, M Rossini, T Julitta, C Panigada, A Schickling, F Pinto +7 others
  • 2014
In the framework of the candidate EE-8 ESA/FLEX mission, different Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) retrieval algorithms are under implementation and testing. The Spectral Fitting Method is the baseline for the fluorescence retrievals for FLEX, since it is a powerful technique to decouple canopy reflected radiance and SIF by exploiting the high-resolution(More)
Kidney transplant (KT) recipients can develop symptomatic Parvovirus (PV) B19 infections, frequently associated with persistent anemia. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and clinical significance of PV B19 infection in anemic and non-anemic KT patients. Overall, out of 64 patients monitored for the presence of PV B19 by real-time PCR, 2(More)
  • G G Marotta, A Macerola, A D 'alessandro, A Torsi, C Cerafogli, C Lattaro +27 others
  • 2010
In recent years applications such as mp3 players, SSD, digital cameras and video camcorders have driven the development of increasingly higher density NAND memories. In the presented 3b/cell memory the read and programming throughputs are been enhanced with the adoption of a quad-plane architecture and an industry standard even-odd bitline (BL) decoding(More)
Personal and familial psychopathological histories and information about early losses were collected and the results of the locus of control test and tests for psychological responses were determined for a series of ninety-two HIV-infected subjects (58 drug addicts; 26 homosexuals; 8 heterosexuals, partners of drug addicts). A higher percentage of drug(More)
18 subjects with symptomless HIV infection were investigated with multimodal evoked potentials for possible CNS involvement and again after an 8-12 month interval. 13 subjects showed neuropsychological changes, which were confirmed at the second examination. The 5 subjects found normal remained so at the second examination. On WAIS assessment the only(More)
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