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A tissue-specific distribution of the various vitamin E forms, tocotrienols and tocopherols, has been found, suggesting that these forms have unique roles in cellular functions. A sensitive procedure is described for the simultaneous determination of individual tocopherols, tocotrienols, ubiquinols, and ubiquinones using gradient high pressure liquid(More)
Selectin-mediated tethering and rolling initiates the multi-step process of leukocyte extravasation which is crucial for the formation of an inflammatory infiltrate. We studied the impact of platelets on this process in the skin. Using intravital microscopy, we analyzed platelet interactions with cutaneous post-capillary venules of mouse ears and observed(More)
The content and composition of different vitamin E isoforms was analyzed in normal human skin. Interestingly the epidermis contained 1% alpha-tocotrienol, 3% gamma-tocotrienol, 87% alpha-tocopherol, and 9% gamma-tocopherol. Although the levels of tocotrienol in human epidermis appear to be considerably lower than reported in the hairless mouse, the presence(More)
In this study, we investigated the role of leptin for the inflammatory response in diabetes-impaired skin repair. We demonstrated, that systemic treatment of diabetic ob/ob mice with leptin blunted polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN), but not macrophage influx into the wound site. Closed wounds of leptin-administered mice were characterized by tremendous(More)
Epidermal integrity is essential for skin functions. It is maintained by adhesive structures between keratinocytes, mainly the desmosomes and adherens junctions, which provide resistance against mechanical stress and regulate the formation of the skin barrier. As a constituent of both types of intercellular junctions, plakoglobin has multiple interaction(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment modalities for granuloma annulare (GA) often remain unsatisfactory or can be accompanied by potentially hazardous side-effects. Psoralen plus ultraviolet (UV) A (PUVA) bath photochemotherapy has been reported to be highly effective in the treatment of GA. Another form of topical PUVA therapy, using 8-methoxypsoralen-containing cream or(More)
To evaluate ozone damage to hairless mouse skin, two parameters of oxidative damage, vitamin E depletion and malondialdehyde (MDA) production, were measured in vitamin E-enriched and in control skin from mice exposed to ozone (10 ppm). A 5% vitamin E solution (tocotrienol-rich fraction, TRF) in polyethylene glycol (PEG) was applied to 2 sites on the back of(More)
BACKGROUND Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers such as Restylane(®) are frequently used for the correction of facial soft tissue defects. OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and safety of a novel HA filler, Emervel(®) Classic, with those of Restylane in the treatment of moderate nasolabial folds. METHODS This was a split-face, randomized and evaluator-blinded(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnosis of allergy to wasp venom and decision to perform immunotherapy are based on the patient's history, along with skin and in vitro tests. OBJECTIVE Given the high prevalence of specific IgE also in non-allergic individuals, we evaluated the sensitivity and specificity of Western blots as a possible alternative to serum analyses of(More)
Many studies have demonstrated beneficial health effects of topical antioxidant application; however, the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. To better understand the protective mechanism of oxogenous anti-oxidants, it is important to clarify the physiological distribution, activity and regulation of antioxidants. Also, the generation of ROS by(More)