Maurizio Pellecchia

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Among the most promising chemopreventive agents, certain natural polyphenols have recently received a great deal of attention because of their demonstrated inhibitory activity against tumorigenesis.(More)
Delayed neuronal cell death occurring hours after reperfusion is a hallmark of ischemic stroke and a primary target for neuroprotective strategies. In the present study, we investigated whether(More)
We investigated the mRNA expression levels of all six antiapoptotic Bcl-2 subfamily members in 68 human cancer cell lines using qPCR techniques and measured the ability of known Bcl-2 inhibitors to(More)
DnaJ from Escherichia coli is a 376-amino acid protein that functions in conjunction with DnaK and GrpE as a chaperone machine. The N-terminal fragment of residues 2-108, DnaJ-(2-108), retains many(More)