Maurizio Nordio

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OBJECTIVE To see whether cardiac morphological and functional abnormalities in uraemic patients are determined by high blood pressure or if they are an expression of a specific cardiomyopathy. DESIGN Cross sectional study. SETTING City general hospital in Italy. SUBJECTS 35 uraemic patients receiving haemodialysis (17 men, 18 women; mean age 60.3(More)
BACKGROUND Haemodialysis patients are ageing and have with a high rate of comorbidities. The impact of this novel clinical setting on intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH) is not well established. METHODS For this observational, prospective multicentre cohort study, incident haemodialysis patients were recruited in 40 Italian centres and followed up for a(More)
INCIDENCE Five hundred and sixty patients began renal replacement therapy in 2006, giving an incidence of 117.51 pmp; in 2007 there were 579 new patients, for an incidence rate of 120.01 pmp. Analysis of the incidence between 1998 and 2007 for both raw and age-standardized data (based on the 2001 census) shows a slow, gradual increase that is statistically(More)
BACKGROUND Relative survival, a methodology previously used in epidemiologic studies of cancer, compares the observed survival of a patient cohort with expected survival derived from general population life tables. We examined relative survival in patients treated by long-term dialysis in the Italian Dialysis and Transplantation Registry in order to(More)
Diet is a critical factor for the development of both embryo and fetus, as well as maternal health. In particular, two natural molecules have been shown to exert beneficial effects on fertility, pregnancy wellness and embryo development: myo-inositol and melatonin, whose requirements increase during pregnancy. In the present review, we summarize the most(More)
Over the last years in the industrialized countries there have been many changes in the number and characteristics of patients starting renal replacement therapy. This review reports the changes that took place in Italy, analyzing the data from the Italian Registry of Dialysis and Transplantation (RIDT), which collects information from all Italian regions(More)
Hyperphosphatemia is a common serious complication of chronic renal diseases, which needs appropriate continuous treatment in order to avoid ominous side effects. Therefore, oral chelating agents able to avoid phosphate absorption by the gut are mandatory. In the past, Aluminium salts, and more recently Calcium and Magnesium salts, and a synthetic resin(More)
The paper proposes a fuzzy logic based procedure able to control as far as possible the behaviour of the blood pressure of a patient during a dialysis session, allowing him to reach the foreseen dry weight. A PI discrete-time fuzzy control is used in order to compare the controlled variables concerning the (blood pressure and blood volume) to the reference(More)
Patients in chronic dialysis have a higher prevalence of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, together with higher prevalence of hypertension and valvular diseases. It is not clear whether aortic and mitral defects are linked to the effect of chronic dialysis (for instance hypercalcaemia or hyperparathyroidism) or to hypertension. In order to see whether(More)