Maurizio Nitti

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We present an interactive design system that allows casual users to quickly create 3D-printable robotic creatures. Our approach automates the tedious parts of the design process while providing ample room for customization of morphology, proportions, gait and motion style. The technical core of our framework is an efficient optimization-based solution that(More)
We propose a sketch-based posing system for rigged 3D characters that allows artists to create custom sketch abstractions on top of a character's actual shape. A sketch abstraction is composed of rigged curves that form an iconographic 2D representation of the character from a particular viewpoint. When provided with a new input sketch, our optimization(More)
Even though the human eye is one of the central features of individual appearance, its shape has so far been mostly approximated in our community with gross simplifications. In this paper we demonstrate that there is a lot of individuality to every eye, a fact that common practices for 3D eye generation do not consider. To faithfully reproduce all the(More)
Augmented Reality (AR) holds unique and promising potential to bridge between real-world activities and digital experiences, allowing users to engage their imagination and boost their creativity. We propose the concept of Augmented Creativity as employing ar on modern mobile devices to enhance real-world creative activities, support education, and open new(More)
Our work on "motion brushes" provides a new workflow for the creation and reuse of 3D animation with a focus on stylized movement and depiction. Conceptually, motion brushes expand existing brush models by incorporating hierarchies of 3D animated content including geometry, appearance information, and motion data as core brush primitives that are(More)
The widespread availability of high-quality motion capture data and the maturity of solutions to animate virtual characters has paved the way for the next generation of interactive virtual worlds exhibiting intricate interactions between characters and the environments they inhabit. However, current motion synthesis techniques have not been designed to(More)
Coloring books capture the imagination of children and provide them with one of their earliest opportunities for creative expression. However, given the proliferation and popularity of digital devices, real-world activities like coloring can seem unexciting, and children become less engaged in them. Augmented reality holds unique potential to impact this(More)
Nowadays energy issues are no longer negligible. Primary sources, used every day for our livelihood, will not last forever and we'll have to face this problem. Even renewable energies, always considered as part of the solution, are not stable enough to substitute or significantly integrate our traditional system. Smart grid researchers try to face these(More)
Motion cycles play an important role in animation production and game development. However, creating motion cycles relies on general-purpose animation packages with complex interfaces that require expert training. Our work explores the specific challenges of motion cycle authoring and provides a system simple enough for novice animators while maintaining(More)
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