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Finding the root-cause of a network security anomaly is essential for network operators. In our recent work, we introduced a generic technique that uses frequent itemset mining to automatically extract and summarize the traffic flows causing an anomaly. Our evaluation using two different anomaly detectors (including a commercial one) showed that our(More)
A lot of network management applications rely on the measurement of the delay experienced by packets between two observation points (one way delay). In this paper we describe an implementation of a passive OWD measurement system composed of a set of synchronized measurement points that observe selected packets and report transit timestamps to a collector(More)
Although network security is a crucial aspect for network operators, there are still very few works that have examined the anomalies present in large backbone networks and evaluated the performance of existing anomaly detection solutions in operational environments. The objective of this work is to fill this gap by reporting hands-on experience in the(More)
Research backbone networks like GÉANT2 and the National Research and Education Networks are used by a variety of scientists and research projects. These users and the network engineers operating the networks would like to get access to network performance metrics to optimise their use of the network and to troubleshoot performance degradations, when they(More)
DANTE has recently benchmarked and deployed several commercial tools for anomaly detection based on Sampled NetFlow. According to this experience, the number of false positives (even in commercial tools) is still significant (in the order of 10-20% even for the best performing ones). Therefore, human mediation is still fundamental before taking actions to(More)
In the recent past research and development efforts in the area of technologies for QoS support mainly concentrated on the definition of architectures and protocols for differentiated packet treatment at the IP level. However, their wide deployment is still lacking as a result of lack of general and simple rules for their configuration. But even if they(More)
Summary form only given. Traffic measurement in the Internet, particularly traffic flow measurement, is an area of rapid growth in recent years, although the issue is not new at all. But many tools have been developed and methodology and technologies have been improved significantly. This tutorial gives an overview of methods, technologies and existing(More)
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