Maurizio Melato

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After a brief bibliographical introduction the author's report on 14 cases of cavernous degeneration of the optic nerve, based upon the study of 1,831 autoptic cases. All the subjects examined showed lesions of a senile degenerative type in the vessels afferent to the retro-laminar segment of the optic nerve. The pathogenetic mechanism of the lesion under(More)
In order to foster uptake by scientific and business users we need an easy way to access Grid resources. This is the motivation for the AWARE project. We build upon a fabric layer of Grid and other resources , by providing a higher-layer service for managing the interaction with these resources-A One-Stop, Fire-and-(almost)Forget, Dropping-off and(More)
We propose an authentication and access delegation system based on an unconventional use of X.509 certificates. It allows users to connect from any untrusted machine and to define dynamically a group of trusted co-workers. It is low cost, doesn't need unusual software nor hardware on the client's side, and offers a good degree of security without requiring(More)
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