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Given their ability to hide the complexities of the underlying computational environment, Science gateways, Grid portals and Web Service interfaces are crucial in enhancing user adoption of e-Infrastructures. Much effort has been invested in this field to create virtual environments that allow researchers to focus on their research carried out within the(More)
Scientific gateways in the form of web portals are becoming the popular approach to share knowledge and resources around a topic in a community of researchers. Unfortunately, the development of web portals is expensive and requires specialists skills. Commercial and more generic web portals have a much larger user base and can afford this kind of(More)
In order to foster uptake by scientific and business users we need an easy way to access Grid resources. This is the motivation for the A-WARE project. We build upon a fabric layer of Grid and other resources, by providing a higher-layer service for managing the interaction with these resources A One-Stop, Fire-and-(almost)Forget, Droppingoff and Rendezvous(More)
This paper is a description of the European A-WARE project. For each user, a deployed instance of the A-WARE technology presents a facade over the underlying fabric of grid resources a bridge between users and resources. The primary target in grid fabric is the Web services based UNICORE 6 software. For the user, A-WARE provides a single point of entry to(More)
We propose an authentication and access delegation system based on an unconventional use of X.509 certificates. It allows users to connect from any untrusted machine and to define dynamically a group of trusted co-workers. It is low cost, doesn't need unusual software nor hardware on the client's side, and offers a good degree of security without requiring(More)
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