Maurizio Manzo

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In this paper, we demonstrate a micro-optical wall pressure sensor concept based on the optical modes of dielectric resonators. The sensing element is a spherical micro-resonator with a diameter of a few hundred micrometers. A latex membrane that is flush mounted on the wall transmits the normal pressure to the sensing element. Changes in the wall pressure(More)
In this Letter, we study a novel untethered photonic wall pressure sensor that uses as sensing element a dome-shaped micro-scale laser. Since the sensor does not require any optical or electrical cabling, it allows measurements where cabling tends to be problematic. The micro-laser is made by a mixture of Trimethylolpropane Tri(3-mercaptopropionate),(More)
The need to provide broadband in a uniform manner to all European citizens, regardless where their home is or what is their country, is pushing for a long time the scientific community to find alternatives to terrestrial xDSL, colliding with the need to have solutions that are not too expensive in terms of infrastructure and deployment costs. The project(More)
In this paper, we carried out experiments to investigate dome-shaped microlaser based on the whispering gallery modes for remote wall temperature sensing. The dome-shaped resonator was made of Norland blocking adhesive (NBA 107) doped with a solution of rhodamine 6G and ethanol. Two different configurations are considered: (i) resonator placed on top of a(More)
Broadband communication via satellite systems finds applications in several contexts where other technologies are not available, or economically not convenient. Examples are remote (or disaster struck) areas and ships. The higher costs and lesser capacity of satellite systems compared to broadband terrestrial access, impose to improve flexibility in(More)
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