Maurizio Leotta

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There are several approaches for automated functional web testing and the choice among them depends on a number of factors, including the tools used for web testing and the costs associated with their adoption. In this paper, we present an empirical cost/benefit analysis of two different categories of automated functional web testing approaches: (1)(More)
Developing SOA based systems and migrating legacy systems to SOA are difficult and error prone tasks, where approaches, methods and tools play a fundamental role. For this reason, several proposals have been brought forward in literature to help SOA developers. This paper sketches a novel method for the development of systems based on services, i.e.,(More)
Automated test scripts are used with success in many web development projects, so as to automatically verify key functionalities of the web application under test, reveal possible regressions and run a large number of tests in short time. However, the adoption of automated web testing brings advantages but also novel problems, among which the test code(More)
This paper reports the results and some challenges we discovered during the design and execution of a pilot experiment with 21 bachelor students aimed at investigating the effect of documentation accuracy during software maintenance and evolution activities. As documentation we considered: a high level system functionality description and UML documents.(More)
Web applications evolve at a very fast rate, to accommodate new functionalities, presentation styles and interaction modes. The test artefacts developed during web testing must be evolved accordingly. Among the other causes, one critical reason why test cases need maintenance during web evolution is that the locators used to uniquely identify the page(More)
The page object pattern is used in the context of web testing for abstracting the application's web pages in order to reduce the coupling between test cases and application under test. This paper reports on an industrial case study in a small Italian company (eXact learning solutions S.p.A.) investigating the potential benefits of adopting the page object(More)
The adrenal localization of a primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is rare. We report a case of a 66-yr-old woman who had severe asthenia, diffuse skin hitching and abdominal pain. The physical examination revealed poor general conditions, irritability, pallor, dehydration and diffuse skin scratching lesions. The abdomen was painful at left hypochondrium and(More)
Automation in Web testing has been successfully supported by DOM-based tools that allow testers to program the interactions of their test cases with the Web application under test. More recently a new generation of visual tools has been proposed where a test case interacts with the Web application by recognising the images of the widgets that can be(More)
Business process modelling is often used in the initial phases of traditional software development to reduce faulty requirements and as starting point for building SOA based applications. Often, modellers produce business process models without following recognized guidelines and opt for “light” models where nodes representing the actions are simply(More)
The main reason for the fragility of web test cases is the inability of web element locators to work correctly when the web page DOM evolves. Web elements locators are used in web test cases to identify all the GUI objects to operate upon and eventually to retrieve web page content that is compared against some oracle in order to decide whether the test(More)