Maurizio Lancia

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In this paper we describe CNR's experience in migrating its central administration information systems from proprietary platforms to JEE. In particular, we will show that in our case this open standard allowed for smooth migration, seamless integration with legacy applications and significant cost savings as regards software licenses and technical training.
In this paper we present an Italian initiative, involving relevant research institutions and national libraries, aimed at implementing an NBN Persistent Identifiers (PI) infrastructure based on a novel hardware/software architecture. We describe a distributed and hierarchical approach for the management of an NBN namespace and illustrate assignment policies(More)
The availability of open standards and tools have made often convenient for Public Administrations to internalize software development activities. In order to establish a software factory, it is critical to define processes. While many process standards have been devised over time, in our opinion there exist fewer effective guidelines on how to tailor them(More)
A key problem in transporting multimedia traffic over wireless channel is a controlled sharing of the wireless link by different packet streams. In the context of real time mobile multimedia communication environment the limited and dynamically varying available resources and the user mobility in conjunction with the stringent application requirement make(More)
Our poster shows how J2EE technologies, well-known design patterns and standard methodologies have successfully been applied in building a complete, robust and well-documented accounting application. Our experience demonstrates that those three factors allow for easy maintenance and reuse of components. The application, whose development was initially(More)
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