Maurizio Giacobbe

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Nowadays, Cloud federation is paving the way toward new business scenarios in which it is possible to enforce more flexible energy management strategies. Considering independent Cloud providers, each one is exclusively bound to the specific energy supplier powering its datacenter. The situation radically changes if we consider a federation of cooperating(More)
The advent of both Cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way of conceiving information and communication systems. Generally, we talk about IoT Cloud to indicate a new type of distributed system consisting of a set of smart devices interconnected with a remote Cloud infrastructure, platform, or software through the Internet and able to(More)
A new smart revolution has already begun, toward a future characterized by Internet of Everything, where non-invasive wireless smart sensors allow to dynamically share information (e.g., alert signals, or big data in Cloud of Things scenario) providing new secure and user-friendly services for a harmonious interaction between man and the environment. The(More)
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