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AIM Milligan-Morgan operation is still considered the treatment of choice for IV-degree haemorrhoids: it is frequently associated with significant postoperative pain and prolonged hospital stay. Many instruments were conceived to reduce these complications, such as the LigaSure™ (LS) system, a combination of radiofrequency and pressure that seems mainly(More)
PURPOSE "Outlet obstruction" is a complex functional disorder compelling patients to exhausting uneffective attempts to void. This study was designed to compare the effectiveness and a safety of the endorectal proctopexy (internal Delorme) vs STARR procedure in two groups of patients. METHODS A total of 66 patients with rectocele and associated mucosal(More)
Comparisons of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) to surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) in patients with severe aortic stenosis remain sparse or limited by a short follow-up. We sought to evaluate early and midterm outcomes of consecutive patients (n = 618) undergoing successful TAVI (n = 218) or isolated SAVR (n = 400) at 2 centers. The(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of time course and risk factors for morbidity and mortality may allow better cardiac graft allocation, surveillance timing, and planning of immunosuppressive strategies. METHODS Six-month morbidity and mortality were retrospectively analyzed in a multiinstitutional series of 645 heart transplant recipients. RESULTS During a 3432(More)
BACKGROUND The 2 L polyethylene glycol (PEG) lavage solution has been proved to be similarly safe and effective as 4 L PEG formulations, in spite of the reduced volume. OBJECTIVE To compare low-volume PEG-based solution combined with ascorbic acid with high-volume PEG-based solution combined with simethicon in terms of efficacy and patient tolerability.(More)
Bariatric surgery procedures are more and more performed in women of reproductive age, whose fertility often increases after weight loss, so they frequently become pregnant. In this condition they require appropriate management, according to the type of procedure, malabsorptive or restrictive. If health risks related to obesity (gestational diabetes,(More)
To evaluate the performance of different commercial assays for the detection of recent cytomegalovirus (CMV) in pregnancy, the sensitivity and specificity of assays for CMV-specific IgM antibodies were compared. Routine specimens from pregnant women were screened for CMV IgM using the Abbott AxSYM assay. Sera that were reactive according to AxSYM were(More)
Introduction. Milligan-Morgan haemorrhoidectomy performed with LigaSure system (LS) seems to be mainly effective where a large tissue demolition is required. This randomized study is designed to compare LigaSure haemorrohidectomy with conventional diathermy (CD) for treatment of IV-degree haemorrhoids. Methods. 52 patients with IV-degree haemorrhoids were(More)
The performance validation of software systems is becoming a crucial activity of the software development process. This is mostly due to the resource sharing and the remote deployment of software objects that may introduce critical delays in performance indices like the system response time. Hard and soft real-time systems are particularly affected from(More)
BACKGROUND Fast-track program has been applied in several surgical fields. However, currently many surgical patients are elderly over 70 years of age, and discussion about the application of such protocols for elderly patients is inadequate. MATERIALS AND METHODS The present study was designed to consider the safety and feasibility of application of a(More)