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A B S T R A C T A high-resolution method to image the horizontal boundaries of gravity and magnetic sources is presented (the enhanced horizontal derivative (EHD) method). The EHD is formed by taking the horizontal derivative of a sum of vertical derivatives of increasing order. The location of EHD maxima is used to outline the source boundaries. While for(More)
The role that small particle accelerators play in the field of applications to Cultural Heritage (for material analysis and dating) is critically discussed also in comparison to other techniques, pointing out pros and cons. As to material analysis, some peculiarities of ion beam techniques may be now less unique than they were perhaps ten years ago, but(More)
Several methods are used to upward continue potential field data. The leading techniques employ the Fast Fourier transform, accurate and quick for level-to-level upward continuation, and spatially varying scale filters for level-to-draped surfaces. We propose a new approach, based on the minimum-length solution of the inverse potential field problem. The(More)
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