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We investigated the occurrence of nocturnal respiratory disorders during air and supplemental oxygen breathing in 16 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) undergoing long-term home oxygen therapy (LTOT). Following a first night of acclimatization, non-attended continuous nocturnal monitoring was performed for two successive nights in a(More)
Activated intralobular macrophages were quantified as their lysozyme contents in liver biopsies from patients with chronic HBV and nAnB active hepatitis, and subjects with no evident liver histological damage. There were more macrophages (0.62 +/- 0.06/2,500 mu 2) with a larger area (20.36 +/- 0.87 mu 2) in HBV-related chronic active hepatitis than in(More)
We suggest that APL may effectively be used for the implementation of pattern directed production systems (PDPS) for the analysis of bidimensional data. These systems look for interesting or important situations occurring as patterns in their input or memory data. These patterns cause the execution of suitable functions. Moreover APL makes it possible to(More)
Liver cirrhosis is characterized by low plasma levels of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and high concentrations of aromatic amino acids (AAA), and this imbalance has been implicated in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy by the synthesis of altered neurotransmitters. Contrasting results on intravenous or oral BCAA efficacy and metabolic impact(More)
The discipline of iconics refers to the integrated analysis, generation and management of digital images by computer. In pictorial data analysis, iconic techniques help a proper definition and design of interactive systems for the interpretation of digital images. The use of APL allows on the other side, the formal definition and the person-person(More)
Thirty dyspeptic patients with endoscopic evidence of mild to moderate (nonerosive) duodenitis were randomly assigned to treatment with 50 mg of pirenzepine twice daily or 2 gm of sucralfate twice daily for four weeks. Posttreatment endoscopy revealed normalization of duodenal mucosa in half of the patients in each treatment group. The severity of dyspeptic(More)
The excitation-extintion line of hepatocytes from an inert state towards the stabilization of a given activity is described. Within the cell, the switching on of any given activity is a competitive process among different activities. The process is driven by the influence field created in the environment of the Rappaport acinus by sinusoidal blood which(More)
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