Maurizio Costa

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In this paper a methodology is proposed for speech driven facial animation. Specifically, the proposed technique is not intended to reproduce lips movements accordingly with the speech content, but the goal is to reproduce the complex set of facial movements and expressions related with the emotional content of the speech. An original approach has been(More)
The technique proposed in this paper provides operative indications for implementing 3D head models compliant to the facial parameters recently standardized in MPEG-4, capable of being animated for reproducing the behavior of true human faces. The major contribution of this paper consists of an algorithmic proposal for MPEG-4 compliant model animation,(More)
In this paper the complete framework of a software package for real-time animation of 3D facial models according to the MPEG-4 specifications is described. The focus is mainly on the algorithmic solution that has been adopted for scaling the polygon mesh to a level of complexity suited to the specific hw/sw profile of the platform that hosts the decoder.(More)
We intended to determine the levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis at the time when mitochondria ultrastructurally show flocculent densities in the matrix space. For this purpose, mitochondria were isolated from rat heart and rat liver after the tissues have been maintained under controlled ischemic conditions in vitro at 37 degrees C for(More)
Mouse embryo fibroblast cultures were exposed to various concentrations of amorphous or crystalline NiS (nickel sulfide). After removal of the NiS from the cultures, polyriboinosinic-polyribocytidylic acid was added to induce alpha/beta interferon. Pretreatment of the cultures with crystalline NiS significantly inhibited the production of alpha/beta(More)
In this paper we propose an efficient algorithm for exploiting the Facial Animation Parameter interpolation modality specified by the MPEG-4 standard in order to allow very low bitrate trasmission of the animation parameters. The proposed algorithm is based on a comprehensive analysis of the cross-correlation properties that characterize FAPs, which is here(More)
The INTERFACE project aims at improving user interaction with web-based applications by using computer-animated characters to implement virtual guides, avatars, or teachers. The tools developed within the project have been used to build a demonstration Anty's postcards website. Within the system, users send virtual postcards in which Anty, a cartoon-like(More)
Cellular ATP levels are determined by the rates of ATP production and ATP hydrolysis. Both phenomena are affected by ischemia. Mitochondrial enzymes are damaged, inhibiting this organelle's ability to make ATP. Mitochondria are also uncoupled by ischemia and have the ability to hydrolyze ATP. We designed a series of experiments to determine whether(More)
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