Maurizio Canu

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After oral administration (10% suspension in arabic gum, at 500 mg/kg), total phenytoin (PHT) concentrations were measured in the blood and brain of rats anesthetized with ketamine (60 mg/kg, intraperitoneally i.p.) and in a control group that received only PHT. The concentration of PHT in blood and brain was significantly higher in the ketamine than in the(More)
The onset of Fahr's disease in a patient with postoperative hypoparathyroidism is described. The genesis of this rare pathological occurrence could be ascribed, in our opinion, to the combined action of "local" (precedent encephalic circulation disorders) and "general" factors (Ca and P metabolism disorders following postoperative hypoparathyroidism).
Apoe-deficient (Apoe −/−) mice develop progressive atherosclerotic lesions with age but no severe renal pathology in the absence of additional challenges. We recently described accelerated atherosclerosis as well as marked renal injury in Apoe −/− mice deficient in the mesenchymal integrin chain Itga8 (Itga8 −/−). Here, we used this Apoe −/−, Itga8 −/−(More)
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