Maurizio Busetto

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Variations in total ozone column and sun exposures able to cause erythema and damage the DNA molecules were observed by the narrow-band filter radiometer UV-RAD in Bologna, Italy from 2005 to 2010. The ozone columns determined from the UV-RAD measurements were found to be close to those provided by the satellite Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) showing an(More)
We studied new particle formation and modal behavior of ultrafine aerosol particles on the high East Antarctic plateau at the Concordia station, Dome C (7506 S, 12323 E). Aerosol particle number size distributions were measured in the size range 10–600 nm from 14 December 2007 to 7 November 2009. We used an automatic algorithm for fitting up to three modes(More)
An approach is proposed to assess the periods of human skin exposure to solar ultraviolet-A (UV-A, 315-400 nm) irradiance in natural conditions that are able to yield doses found to trigger carcinogenesis in laboratory experiments. Weighting functions, adopted to perform such estimate are constructed, allowing for a comparison between environmental and(More)
Comparison of fine and coarse fractions in terms of sources and dynamics is scarce in southeast Mediterranean countries; differences are relevant because of the importance of natural sources like sea spray and Saharan dust advection, because most of the monitoring networks are limited to PM10. In this work, the main seasonal variabilities of sources and(More)
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