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Copyright and Mass Digitization addresses the composite and challenging relationship between mass digitization-defined as the process of bulk digital transformation of copyright works in order to serve the operation of digital repositories or other online resources-and copyright law, whose conventional norms and principles appear nowadays to be(More)
  • M Borghi
  • 1985
The author observes first the uneven or even contradictory character of existing Swiss law, aggravated by a lack of coordination in terms of its application. He proposes several examples, though noting that the new Federal law on protection of the environment, for which a comprehensive approach has been adopted, might mark a new trend. In a second part, he(More)
L'auteur constate d'abord le caractère disparate, voire même quelquefois contradictoire de la législation en vigueur, aggravé par un manque de coordination au niveau de l'application. Il en propose plusieurs exemples, tout en remarquant que la nouvelle loi sur la protection de l'environnement, adoptant une approche globale du problème, pourrait marquer un(More)
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