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Pronounced weight gain after start of insulin therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) may offset beneficial effects conferred by the improvement of glycaemic control. This hypothesis was tested by comparing the cardiometabolic risk profile of a group of type 2 diabetes patients with a marked increase in body weight ('gainers) after the(More)
BACKGROUND Inverse potential mapping (IPM) noninvasively reconstructs cardiac surface potentials using body surface potentials. This requires a volume conductor model (VCM), usually constructed from computed tomography; however, computed tomography exposes the patient to harmful radiation and lacks information about tissue structure. Magnetic resonance(More)
T echnical advances in cardiovascular electrophysiology have resulted in an increasing number of catheter abla-tion procedures reaching 200 000 in Europe for the year 2013. 1 These advanced interventions are often complex and time-consuming and may cause significant radiation exposure. 2 Furthermore, a substantial number of ablation procedures remain(More)
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