Maurilio Pereira Coutinho

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This paper presents an alternative technique for improving the security of Electric Power Control Systems by implementing anomaly detection methods to identify attacks and faults. By using Rough Sets Classifi cation Algorithm, a set of rules can be defi ned. The alternative approach tries to reduce the number of input variables and the number of examples,(More)
The use of the Evolutionary Computation (EC) grew in interest recently. Among various Evolutionary Computation approaches, Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) are used in optimization problems; they have much in common but also have some differences. This paper presents a decision support tool based on Particle Swarm Optimization(More)
This paper presents the implementation of a Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Biased Mutation (HPSOBM) algorithm to solve the load flow computation in electrical power systems. The load flow study obtains the system status in the steady-state and it is widely used in the power system operation, planning and control. The proposed methodology is applied(More)
Electric power systems are the structures that have the purpose of generating, transporting and distributing electricity. These structures are composed of energy generating plants, transmission lines, distribution systems and elevating and distribution substations. The biggest challenge of this type of system is that the electrical energy is not a material(More)
This paper presents a hybrid particle swarm based methodology for solving load flow in electrical power systems. Load flow is an electrical engineering well-known problem which provides the system status in the steady-state and is required by several functions performed in power system control centers. The proposed approach for load flow computation is(More)
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